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“What is comedy? Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke.” – Steve Martin


We're your one-stop shop for comedy.

At the height of his powers, legendary comedian Spike Milligan and his motley crew of comedy writers set up shop above a grocers in London to service the creative community with a highly sought-after joke store. The premise was simple – need to put the funny into your speech, radio ads or television commercials? Then give us a call!

The Punch Up picks up where Milligan left off. We’re a bureau of Australia’s funniest comedy writers who are ready to collaborate. If you have content that needs to be engaging, memorable and, above all else, funny – we’re the people you need. We’ve worked across every possible platform; popular light entertainment and narrative comedy television, radio, print and now you have a direct line to the funniest people in any room.

We are your one-stop shop for comedy. Whether you need help creating a concept or taking a script and polishing that turd until it shines, we can handle anything. We’re the class clowns come good. We believe you can find the funny side to anything and we work with our clients to enhance their vision and make the process seem like the easiest thing in the world.


Comedy is hard. Let us make it easy.

Do you take your car to a dentist to fix? Heck no.

It’s not what they do. It’s not their specialty. When you need to get something done right, you hire an expert and when it comes to comedy – we’re the experts. The truth is this; comedy is hard. It’s a skill honed on stage, night after night and takes years to master. Think of us as the panel beaters of the content world. We take your copy, scripts for online, radio or television campaigns or even a company address and punch up that idea until it shines!

You see memory is a funny old thing. Events don’t make you remember something, the combination of event and emotion is what creates a powerful, lasting memory. So you have two options; traumatise your audience so they have PTSD and are curled up in the foetal position – OR – make them laugh and smile so they always attribute your brand with humour and joy – we strongly suggest the latter.

If you’re asking yourself “why does comedy matter?“ The campaigns millennials remember best are the funny ones: 80% recall ads that made them laugh, but they’re especially harsh in judging brands whose attempts at humour come off as disingenuous, and it’s tough to master that art. An art we have decades of experience with.

A lot of content that tries to be funny falls short of it’s goal which can be disastrous for brands. Comedy that tries to be funny and fails comes off as disingenuous and in a marketplace that craves authenticity, this can be the kiss of death for a brand.


We don't just polish turds until they shine.

We love bringing laughter into the world, it’s our favourite thing to do. So why not share that? Every brand wants to connect with an audience and that’s exactly what good comedians do; we connect. We make the mundane funny and relatable and we can do it for you. How do we do that? Well, there are a whole bunch of ways. We do everything from coming up with a winning idea for your next campaign to giving your script a comedy wash so that it leaves your audience wanting more. We just want to make people laugh and help you make a connection.

So you only make things funny? No! Not at all. Comedy is our main squeeze, it’s our thang, but what we really love is writing. Whether it be providing feedback on a commercial script or making an upcoming speech sing, we’re into it.


Got a brief, but you're struggling to find that one idea that will resonate with your audience? Comedy has excellent cut-through and we'll work with you to find a way to make those lols.


Got a campaign you need to give a comedy wash? Have a script that you want to make sure is utterly hilarious? We'll give your existing copy the writers' room treatment and ensure it shines.


Trying to engage in some witty banter with your audience? We can make sure your followers find you to be funny and that much more human and relatable.


Not sure how your potential project could fit with us? Hit us up, we're happy to talk through every aspect of it so you have the fastest and funniest outcome.


“To make a great film you need three things: the script, the script, and the script.” - Alfred Hitchcock


Every project is its own unique and daunting beast, so let us help. If you know what you want - amazing! If not, even better, because as your collaborative partner we can add loads of value early on and get you on the right track. Our writers know their shit. If they can make a crammed, overheated theatre erupt in laughter, then finding the funny for your project and delivering it on time is a piece of piss soaked cake. Okay, that’s a terrible analogy, but it probably made you smile. That’s what we do, not urinate on baked treats, we make you smile. Making sure you’re as happy and stress free as possible is what we’re all about. Even if you’re unsure of your next steps, give us a yell and bounce your ideas off of us. Comedians know the best way of honing your material is simply talking it out with another person. We just want to make great stuff and we work hard to make that happen.
When a brief slides on over, we don’t rush things, we take our time playing matchmaker in order to find the best possible writer for your project. All of the scribes in our bureau have a whole host of different talents and skills. Some are more quirky visual thinkers who create vibrant and memorable commercials, others are more at home pouring over the structure of a long-form pilot or feature script, but they all have one thing in common; they’re ready to collaborate with you. Once we’ve found the ideal writer or team to work on your project, we’ll delve a little deeper and find out what you’re really after. We understand that there can be a gap between what you might say you want and what you’re really after. Just being able to verbalise your true goals is a job in itself. As writers we want to be on any page, but it’s important to us that we’re all on the same page. Clients will usually tell us what their project is about, and then we’ll alway ask “Okay, but what is it really about?”
Now that we’ve got an approved estimate and timeline in place and we know what it is you’re really after, it’s time for our internal De-Brief. Commercial speak and creative speak are practically two different languages and luckily we’re fluent in both and can bridge the gap. We believe creativity and business can co-exist, in fact, we know they must. We’ll break down exactly what it is you’re after and feed that through to our scribes. We know writers and we know how they work and how to work with them. Once we’re in a good place we'll organise one last briefing session including your writer or writing team before pen hits paper (who uses paper anymore?) and the magic happens.
Every project is different and requires a different approach. We might simply be punching up an existing script, giving notes on structure and giving it a final polish or diving right in to come up with a winning idea for your next campaign. We’ll keep in touch with your project and where it’s at to make sure it’s all smooth sailing.
Once we’re all happy it’s time to hand over the finished work and invoice, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. We’ll check up on you to make sure everything turned out great and we’ll keep in touch. We think of ourselves as long term creative partners, always ready to give you inspiration, help or advice when needed.
Receive the Project
Receive the Project
We receive your brief and assess your needs
We find the best possible writer or team for your project
We Get Busy
We Get Busy
We punch up that script or your content idea or come up with gold of our own
Shiny New Content
Shiny New Content
You ride off into the sunset, safe in the knowledge your content will be fun, shareable, and hilarious.

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Nicolette Minster
Nicolette Minster
Director - Comedian, Writer, and Bare-knuckle Boxer.
Nicolette Minster is a Melbourne based actress, comedian, writer and producer. Her tremendous talent has seen her featured in an inordinate amount of television and online campaigns. She has featured in campaigns for Target, Black Swan, AHM, Reflex, JEEP, Specsavers and more. As a writer and cast member she is best known for her work in two seasons of sketch comedy series KINNE (Seven Network), in the politically focused satire Sammy J's Democratic Party (ABC), Foxtel's The Slot, and Get Krackin (ABC). She has written on a number of award winning shorts including the romantic comedy Palindromes which has screened globally and has been sold to ABC iView, Virgin Australia and the RTI Network in Italy.
Simon Keck
Simon Keck
Director - Comedian, Writer, Creative Whiz and Master of Style.
Simon Keck is a multi-award-winning comedian and writer who immigrated to Australia from his mother. He currently resides in Melbourne where he lives with his actions. Keck has written humorous words, even sentences, for various literary publications including Television and Radio such as Rove Live (Channel 10), The Comedy Hour (ABC), VICE, The Big Issue, Triple J, The Weekly Review and the Melbourne Writers' Festival. He also won the coveted Golden Gibbo Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for best independent comedy show including the Outstanding Award at Melbourne Fringe and the Best Comedy Weekly Award at the Adelaide Fringe.

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